Monsoon over India

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Kurzbeschreibung des Films:

Before the monsoon, people suffer from the great heat, the water levels in the wells sink and water tanks run dry. The summer monsoon changes life in the countryside and in the towns at a stroke. Heavy rain covers the country, enabling the farmers to till the soil. The long-awaited rainfall doesn't prevent people from working, but in the towns flooding causes chaos. Especially for slum-dwellers, the rainy season is both a threat and a challenge. The film shows the effects of the monsoon and answers the question "What causes the monsoon?" in four animated sections.

Didaktische Absicht:

Pupils should recognize that the strength and unpredictability of the summer monsoon has a determining influence on the human and natural environment in India. By understanding the monsoon's cycle, they acquire insight into the correlation between climate and countryside, and into the influence of the monsoon on the way of life and economy. They learn that the monsoon, as a natural phenomenon, is both a blessing and a curse for the people of India. Examples from various areas of life show how the people behave during the rainy season and how they accept the rains.


All schools from 7th/8th form on, vocational schools, youth and adult education


Erdkunde, Weltkunde, Wirtschaft, Politik, Gesellschaftslehre, Gemeinschaftskunde, Englisch


Monsoon, Summer monsoon, Winter monsoon, India


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